Dictate documents, send emails, search the web without typing a word

Dragon Dictate for Mac V4

Imagine being able to dictate documents... send emails... search the web...

...3 times faster. And without typing a single word.

Just install the software. And start speaking to your computer.


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Find out all the ways Dragon can help you save time, make you more productive and make life easier

Could it get any easier?

Macworld UK don't think so. Here's why in their own words from their March 2014 review:

"Although the Mac comes complete with voice-command software embedded in OS X, Nuance Dragon Dictate for Mac 4 is a far more mature product."

"The speech recognition is excellent, making it usable on a daily basis."

"There is an air of polish ... Dragon Dictate remains the best in its class."

And this is what Kat Orphanides from Computer Shopper Magazine said in their February 2014 issue:

"Powerful enough to change the way you work for the better.

Dragon is an outstanding program... makes it easy to compose documents and control your computer."

How about the people who use Dragon? Here's what Neil Mcenerywest from London thinks:

"For anyone who wants to work quickly and accurately without the burden of a keyboard, or mouse then I just say go see Dragon."

"For anyone who wants to work quickly and accurately without the burden of a keyboard, or mouse then I just say go see Dragon."

"It's easy to use out of the box."

"My reports take about 40% less time to write now."

"And I no longer have sore hands and wrists at the end of the day."

I don't know how quickly you can type. But speaking to your computer is going to be up to 3 times faster.

Just think how much time you save.

Dragon will even read what you've written back to you – in a natural sounding voice.

But Dragon isn't just for dictating documents, or emails. You can do so much more besides...

Using simple voice commands, you:

  • Open applications.
  • Browse the internet.
  • Select items from your computer's menus.
  • Click, or move the mouse.
  • Post on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Switch from 1 window to another.

...and much, much more.

How Accurate is Dragon?

Straight out of the box, Dragon will recognise up to 99% of what you say.

Dragon is always learning from you... adapting to your voice in the words you use... picking up on any corrections you make...

...you can even teach Dragon the acronyms, proper names and other unique phrases you frequently use.

What's more, as well as all the words you use, Dragon will also learn how you like to format, use abbreviations, numbers, etc.

And it does this continuously. So the more you use Dragon, the better it understands you - your 'typing' gets even faster.

Stop repeating yourself

Do you repeat the same multi-step tasks again and again?

Not any more.

Dragon lets you do it with a single voice command. Let me explain...

Say you want to send an email. Using your fingers you'd have to:

  • Open your email client.
  • Click on new email.
  • Select, or type the name of the person emails for.
  • Type in the subject line.

But with Dragon, you just say:

"Send email to John Smith, subject yesterday's meeting."

Can you see which one's quicker and easier?

And it's the same for the Internet. Just tell Dragon to:

"Search maps for financial advisers in London"


"Search Google for best dog training school."

There really isn't a quicker way to use your computer.

Do your wrists ache too?

I don't know about you, but after typing for a little while my wrists begin to ache. And my fingers don't move as quickly - or comfortably - as they did five minutes before.

Well, that's how it used to be anyway.

All I do now is connect my headset my computer. And I work sitting comfortably without being tied to my keyboard and mouse.

In fact, because my headset is a Bluetooth one, I don't even have to sit down. With Dragon, you can work hard walking around, or looking out of the window - just like I do sometimes.

Did I mention your 30 day, no-risk, cast iron guarantee?

I know you'll love Dragon. But, of course I'm biased.

But you don't just have to take my word for it. Here's what the reviewers from the U.K.'s expert reviews website said about Dragon in January 2014:

"Dragon is an outstanding piece of software.

"If you're unable to type or prefer to dictate, Dragon provides a natural-feeling alternative to a keyboard that makes it easy to compose documents and control your computer.

"Verdict: This accurate speech-to-text tool is powerful and accurate enough to change the way you work for the better."

And I'd like you to try it for yourself without risking a bean:

Put Dragon to the test for 30 days. If – for any reason – you're not happy, I'll refund you in full.

You simply can't lose.

So why not order your copy right now – it could be the very last thing you have to type.

What's new and better compared to version 3?

  • With up to 99% accuracy this is our most accurate dictation software ever for Mac.
  • Now you can transcribe any single speaker's voice from podcasts or pre-recorded audio files.
  • It takes only 90 seconds of a recorded audio clip to create a voice profile of you (or anyone else) as a speaker and transcribe the recorded speech.
  • Now accurately transcribe your recordings – from any audio source. As long as a profile exists for the recorded voice – Dragon understands it and turns it to a transcription. Whether you use mobile, iPad or any other recorder, it works.
  • The more you use it, the more accurate it gets. Because it learns from your corrections.
  • Fast performance - it's a pure 64-bit application.
  • Works with OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3) or OS X Mavericks (10.9).

What's more...

  • With just your voice you can create and edit documents.
  • It really works from any normal audio source including .mp3 audio files, in addition to .aif .aiff .wav .mp4 .m4a .m4v.
  • You can also use Gmail much more hands free than before, and, of course, you can post comments to Facebook, Twitter – with your voice. The easiest way to see it in action is to simply try it. You have our full 30-day money back guarantee so there's no risk.
  • Dictate documents, send emails, search the web 3 times faster - without typing a single word. Guaranteed.

Order your copy today.


Steven Steenhaut